Jolly-Roger-den: Ninjas vs Pirates


Excuses, excuses:

Yeah, well, in Juni I had to:
- test about one hundred students.
- give a short course of illustration.
- be part of the jury for a competition.
- design a logo.

So... that's why I couldn't update the comic. Very sorry. T___T

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Sorry for the non-update.

It's been so hot and the daylight saving time has stolen from me an hour of sleep, resulting in a high quantity of laziness. See you next week. Sorry again.

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Stop hiatus

Dear readers:

Unexpected news: JRD will return to be regularly published starting next Friday, February 5.

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Dear Readers,

One day, when I was about 8 or 9 years old, I decided I wanted to do comics. Since then, sometimes more, sometimes less, I have dedicated myself to it practicly without stopping.

There were two main forces driving me to do it. One was the need, imperative to obsession, of landing my ideas to the material plane. The other arose from the fact that, sometimes, seeing my work once finished, I was reasonably pleased with the outcome.

That does not happen to me anymore. Today I actually convinced myself that I hate to do JRD. It is for me a source of stress and frustration. I found myself wanting to finish quickly so I could move onto something else. I lost my criterion for discerning whether or not my work is worth it.

I do not know why this happens. It may be a simple passing crisis (these last months I have been under a lot of stress) or it may be that, over time and as a result of the different experiences I had, my nature has changed profoundly. I thought a lot and I think the only way to find out is to stop working in comics for a while.

So JRD enters a hiatus of one or two months. If during the course of these my vocation reborns, I will work in the comic. If not, I will announce the final cancellation.

Best regards...

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Mess with the RSS feed.

Well, I just woke one morning with an inexplicable desire of knowing how many people was subscribed to the comic's rss feed.

I tryed to do it with Feedburner, but it didn't work very well. At some point, the feed adress chaged. But now is back to the way it was... I think.

Anyway, if someone has had problems with his feed, I'm deeply sorry. It won't happen again... I think.


Many thankies

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JRGD updated!

Yay! There's a new page of the amazing side-story Jolly-Roger-gaiden!

You can read it here just pledging $ 1 monthly.

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Messing with the code, again

Yeah, just le me doing that html stuff again.

I've been trying to do things a little more responsive to the device sice. Still looking like shit on a movile fone, however, but... not bad for a non-web-master. I'll keep doing my homework to improve my web-crafting (haha sonds like I'm a spider or somethign).

Also, everythign looks CLEANER now, which I like. Let's see if readers feel more tempted to comment, now that the comment button is bright and shiny.


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No page today

Sorry guys, no comic page today. The reason is that I had to take extra jobs to survive this holiday, and I have little time to draw the comic. But I 'm working on it . Next week there will be more updates.

Thanks for your patience, best regards

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